MATH 101 - Calculus 2


Mar 10: This is a reminder that Wednesday, March 14 is the last day you can withdraw from (or switch to audit) most Winter 2018 courses (including MATH 101).

Feb 23: The Winter 2018 final exam schedule has been posted on Camlink. See below for details of the MATH 101 final exam.

Feb 13: My Reading Break office hours are Tuesday, February 13 from 1-2pm and Thursday, February 15 from 12-1pm.

Jan 19: This is a reminder that Monday, January 22 is the fee deadline. Students who wish to drop one or more classes must do so on or before this date or will be required to pay remaining fees.

Homework Problems

A list of recommended practice problems is available:

Solutions to the odd-numbered exercises from the textbook are available from

Assignment Sections of Textbook Due Date
Assignment 1 Solutions 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 7.1 Monday, January 22
Assignment 2 Solutions 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 Thursday, February 1
Assignment 3 Solutions 7.6, 7.7, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 Monday, February 19
Assignment 4 Solutions 8.4, 8.5, 8.7, 5.6, 8.8 Friday, March 2
Assignment 5 Solutions 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5 Thursday, March 15
Assignment 6 Solutions 9.6, 9.7, 9.8, 9.9, 9.10 Wednesday, March 28
Assignment 7 Solutions 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 TBA

Term Tests

Test Sections of Textbook Test Date Sample Test Formulas to Know
Test 1A

Test 1B
5.7 Inverse Trigonometric Functions: Differentiation
5.8 Inverse Trigonometric Functions: Integration
5.9 Hyperbolic Functions
7.1 Area of a Region Between Two Curves
7.2 Volume: The Disk Method
7.3 Volume: The Shell Method
7.4 Arc Length and Surfaces of Revolution
7.5 Work
Wednesday, February 7 Sample Test 1X

Sample Test 1Y

Sample Test 1Z
Test 1 Formulas
Test 2A

Test 2B
7.6 Moments, Centers of Mass, and Centroids
7.7 Fluid Pressure and Fluid Force
8.1 Basic Integration Rules
8.2 Integration by Parts
8.3 Trigonometric Integrals
8.4 Trigonometric Substitution
8.5 Partial Fractions
8.7 Integration by Tables and Other Integration Techniques
5.6 Indeterminate Forms and L'Hôpital's Rule
8.8 Improper Integrals
Wednesday, March 7 Sample Test 2X

Sample Test 2Y

Sample Test 2Z
Test 2 Formulas
Test 3A

Test 3B
9.1 Sequences
9.2 Series and Convergence
9.3 The Integral Test and p-Series
9.4 Comparisons of Series
9.5 Alternating Series
9.6 The Ratio and Root Tests
9.7 Taylor Polynomials and Approximations
9.8 Power Series
9.9 Representation of Functions by Power Series
9.10 Taylor and Maclaurin Series
Wednesday, April 4 Sample Test 3X

Sample Test 3Y

Sample Test 3Z
Test 3 Formulas
Note: The final exam will also cover the following sections:

10.1 Conics and Calculus
10.2 Plane Curves and Parametric Equations
10.3 Parametric Equations and Calculus
10.4 Polar Coordinates and Polar Graphs
10.5 Area and Arc Length in Polar Coordinates
Chapter 10 Formulas

Final Exam

The MATH 101 final exam will be a comprehensive, three hour exam and it will take place on Friday, April 20 from 1:30-4:30pm in Fisher 334/336/338.

You must write the final exam at the scheduled time as per Camosun College's policy on final examinations.

The following set of final exam review questions was prepared by Stan Toporowski, former Camosun MATH 101 instructor. It may prove useful as yet another source of practice problems:

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