MATH 251- Matrix Algebra for Engineers


Feb 16: My regular office hours are cancelled during the Reading Break (February 19-22) due to various meetings and appointments. Please email me if you have any questions or if you wish to book an appointment to meet in person.

Feb 11: Camosun college will be closed on Tuesday, February 12 due to the snow. Upon a return to classes, we will resume coverage of sec 3.4 on LU factorizations.

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Jan 16: This is a reminder that Monday, January 21 is the fee deadline and the deadline for dropping classes with a full tuition refund.

Homework Problems

A list of recommended practice problems is available here. The exercises themselves are available here in a password-protected PDF file (3.2MB). The password will be provided in class.

For extra practice, a list of recommended chapter review problems is available here (covering chapters 1-3 so far). These exercises can be found in a PDF file, having the same password, that is available here.

Answers to most odd-numbered textbook exercises can be found at the back of the textbook or in the Student Solutions Manual, which contains more detailed solutions. Answers have not been included in the PDF files above because doing so would have exceeded the amount allowable for "fair use" under copyright rules. Two copies each of the textbook and solutions manual can be found on reserve at the Lansdowne library (in addition to copies at Interurban). You can view the reservation status of these books by searching for MATH251 (no spaces) on the library's website.

Term Tests

Test Sections of Textbook Test Date
Test 1
1.1 The Geometry and Algebra of Vectors
1.2 Length and Angle: The Dot Product
1.3 Lines and Planes
Exploration: The Cross Product
2.1 Introduction to Systems of Linear Equations
2.2 Direct Methods for Solving Linear Systems
2.3 Spanning Sets and Linear Independence
2.4 Applications
Friday, February 8
Test 2
3.1 Matrix Operations
3.2 Matrix Algebra
3.3 The Inverse of a Matrix
3.4 The LU Factorization
3.5 Subspaces, Basis, Dimension, and Rank
3.6 Introduction to Linear Transformations
Friday, March 8
Test 3
Appendix C – Complex Numbers
4.1 Introduction to Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
4.2 Determinants
Exploration: Geometric Applications of Determinants
4.3 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of n×n Matrices
4.4 Similarity and Diagonalization
5.1 Orthogonality in Rn
5.2 Orthogonal Complements and Orthogonal Projections
5.3 The Gram-Schmidt Process and the QR Factorization
Friday, April 5
Note: The final exam will also cover the following sections:

5.4 Orthogonal Diagonalization of Symmetric Matrices
7.3 Least Squares Approximation

Final Exam

The MATH 251 final exam will be a comprehensive, three hour exam and it will take place sometime during the final exam period. You must write the final exam at the scheduled time as per Camosun College's policy on final examinations.

A set of practice questions (created by Gilles Cazelais) is available in addition to the textbook homework problems.


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